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Cyan Q - healthcare analytics

Healthcare analytics and
clinical informatics

Combining advanced data science and deep experience of the UK health sector to bring meaningful analytics and effective informatics to your organisation.

Hire Cyan Q

Lightning fast company summary

  • Specialises in diagnostic and predictive analytics – using data to learn why things happened the way that they did, and to predict how things are likely to happen going forward.
  • Based in Cambridge, and operating everywhere – Cyan Q works with all kinds of health and social care organisations, as well as companies in their data technology supply chains.
  • Founded by data scientist, Ben J. Clarke, after a long stint in the NHS – from the first GP federations in 2014 to the COVID vaccines.

Ben meeting the Widdy Wendy robot at HETT 2023 

Drop a message, Ben will get back to you within a few business hours.

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Why you should choose Cyan Q as your analytics partner

Cyan Q will deliver healthcare analytics and clinical informatics solutions that are uniquely yours. They will be delivered at speed, and Cyan Q will be on hand afterwards to make sure everything’s working the way that it should.

Cyan Q is founded on extensive experience of working with sensitive datasets, and is diligent about information governance. And it has worked in some of the most complex and multi-stakeholder healthcare environments, bringing them the latest analytical techniques and data technologies.

Most of all, you should choose Cyan Q because every project is treated as chance to help you make a difference.

Put your data projects on the strongest possible footing

No organisation becomes data-driven without the right foundations being put into place, and what’s right for one organisation may be wrong for another. Healthcare has a unique set of data challenges to face, not least of all in technology, ethics and regulatory.

Cyan Q will work closely with you to ensure that you are approaching data in a way that is right for you – helping you to capture data properly, store it safely, and use it intelligently.

Cyan Q is a healthcare analytics company

Bringing you powerful, ethical and acheivable data utilisation.
Based in Cambridge, UK.
Taking clients globally.
Trusted with sensitive data.

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